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Anti-Racism Toolkits

Image by visuals

Black history month

Vanessa Woods, ARA member, created a resource and reflection guide about Black History Month. This packet encourages all of us to learn, self-reflect, and get more involved in the celebration! 

Earth day

ARA member Louisa Rossel put together an Earth Day reflection guide. This toolkit invites readers to celebrate Earth Day differently this year by educating themselves about local environmental injustices. It also introduces new ways for kids and adults alike to appreciate the Earth!

Earth and Space
Image by Hanna Zhyhar


This toolkit, created by ARA member Vanessa Woods, dives into the celebration of Juneteenth, also known as "Freedom Day." Learn more about the history of this holiday, as well as ways to celebrate and commemorate its importance.

Social media & mental health

Take a look at Vanessa Woods' informational guide all about how social media impacts mental health. Learn a few mindfulness practices and helpful tips and tricks to avoid "doom scrolling."

Image by Sara Kurfeß
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