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Who We Are & What We Do

The Anti-Racism Alliance seeks to serve as a space for people to learn about the injustices taking place in our world. We want our community to feel less alone in the fight against racism.


Our mission is to inspire individual people, organizations, and  churches to join the fight against racism. We believe education inspires action and is the pathway towards true change in our society. 

Image by Jason Leung
Image by Clay Banks


We live out our mission by creating easily accessible educational resources, offering interactive presentations, and facilitating discussions. We strive to connect with and support people navigating how to build a more just, inclusive world.

Image by Elizabeth Falconer
Image by Clay Banks




We must learn and acknowledge that there is wrong in the world in order to make it right.


Nothing will change if we stand by and allow people to suffer. In fact, education without action allows suffering to grow and grow. 


Racism must be fought though collective reflection and action. 


Building an inclusive, just society cannot take place without collective growth. This process starts with you.


Anti-racism work requires a clear mission, joy, and love for creating a better future for all. 

Meet Our Team

Perseverant. Passionate. Peace-driven. 

This is the Anti-Racism Alliance. We're a small group of young adult volunteers who each bring our individual knowledge, skills, and expertise to the Anti-Racism Alliance. We collaborate as a team to write monthly newsletters, plan presentations and events, and record podcast episodes.  Read on to learn more about each of us.  

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